Fluid Motion Gallery​​

I started spending more time in Central Park in early 2010.

I grew up one block from the park.

In 2010 I reintroduced myself to the park at a time in my life when I was unemployed and not satisfied with my career as a cinematographer

One day on a walk to the park I picked up my digital camera and off I went. I had missed the digital revolution up to that point. The camera I picked up was not used much then.

That decision to take the camera set in motion a whirlwind of creativity that keeps evolving every minute. I was searching for my voice and I saw it in the park and the musicians that performed there.

I started taking pictured of them everyday and I was always trying to reinvent what I had done and move forward.

My first shots were very traditional looking but soon I found myself introducing more abstract elements.

The evolution has brought me to the work contained in this website. I had to go through many stages over the last six years to get to this point an abstract point of view. From here on my evolution will have subtract characteristics.

I had to start somewhere and that was with a traditional point of view.

Every artist looks for his or her voice and I have found mine in Central Park.

I have up to 50000 images of musicians in all different manifestations.

I hope you will take time to look at these images and consider them as a representation of life, energy, and vitality.

Some people look at these images and say they can hear the music.

My friend Gleb once looked at an image and said " It is music".

I hope when you look at my work you will see it, hear it, and capture the essence of Central Park.

Brian Fass